'Musical' - Friends of One-Shot Billy

David Petillo - I was naive to the magnificent Petillo luthier history.  I’m glad I was, because it may have jaded the first day I stumbled into the hallowed workshop needing help with One-Shot Billy's mirror guitar.  David and I spoke for nearly an hour about The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy.  He offered sage advice, as if we were old friends.  I floated away with appreciation, knowing the mirror guitar was in the hands of an incredible artist, craftsman, and honorable person.  Thanks to David, One-Shot Billy's guitar is now functional.  Artists all over the world look to Petillo Masterpiece Guitars to create custom instruments that suit their individual tastes. The list includes Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Michael Jackson, Sting, to name a few.  http://petilloguitars.com/artists.php 

Major Bob Music - Bob and Mike Doyle graciously accepted me into their offices on Music Row.  I arrived with my fifteen song soundtrack with a few that needed some brushing up.  Major Bob Music, Inc. is a well-known publishing and production entity, and Bob Doyle & Associates, a successful artist management firm.  Most notably, the long time manager of Garth Brooks.  As a Nashville novice, I was incredibly fortunate to associate with such true professionals.  It was at Major Bob I met incredibly talented people who helped One-Shot Billy along.  http://www.majorbob.com  

Scot Sherrod - Producer/player/singer– Scot is a man of many talents.  He was the in-house producer for Major Bob Music when I was introduced to him by Linda Edell Howard.  He became the catalyst for recording the tracks, using his incredible talent and friendships to bring the sound and the players together.  It was a wonderful working experience, that forged a lifetime friendship.  Scot has a long history in Nashville.  Hits he helped place include Kenny Chesney’s “I Lost It” and “There Goes My Life”, The Dixie Chicks “A Home” and Diamond Rio’s  “Sweet Summer.”  He also had the distinct honor of pitching the mega history-making hit “More Than A Memory”  to Garth Brooks.  http://www.barbaracloyd.com/scot-sherrod/ 

Greg Bieck - Owner Villa Studios - Greg is a producer/composer/keyboard player/engineer/pilot. Some of the artists Greg Bieck has had the pleasure to work with over the years are: John Oates, Kenny G, Destiny’s Child, Lionel Richie, Daryl Hall, Pavarotti, David Phelps, Andy Chrisman, Micheal Bolton, Ricky Martin, Savage Garden, Jessica Simpson, Josh Groban and Barbara Streisand.  Greg had a long history of recording these famous people before we worked together.  Villa Studio was relatively new when we embarked on the One-Shot Billy project.  Besides Greg’s incredible skill behind the board, his piano playing blew me away.  I’ll never forget the two of us playing Deep Down Inside.  Piano is my favorite instrument. http://prominy.com/artist/Greg_Bieck.htm 

Gary Burnette - I can’t imagine there’s more talented session guitarists in Nashville than Gary.  And I’m very fortunate he was available to play on these tracks.   Gary was a mentor to me during my time in music city.  His knowledge and stories were captivating.  A game-plan discussion preceded each song, and Gary’s input was invaluable.   His performances were driven by his desire to deliver the best recording possible and inspiring to watch.  Get him on a project, and he’ll give you everything he’s got, and more.  We had a lot of fun!

Lewis Lea - Producer Scot Sherrod and I struggled to come up with a singer for One-Shot Billy whose voice sounded youthful, yet soulful.  After recording Wonderful Life with my scratch vocals, bass player Jeff Irwin said, “I know a guy who would sound great singing that song.”  It turned out to be Lewis, and I’m grateful to Jeff for his good instinct.  Lewis was in the studio the next day made me cry with his passionate performance.  I was very lucky Lewis was available to perform on all of the One-Shot Billy vocal tracks.  His voice is incredible, filled with hope and determination.  And he’s as nice as he is talented.

Shannon LaBrie -  Mayor Lovette’s character needed to compliment Lewis Lea’s One-Shot Billy vocals, and we struck gold when Scott reached out to Shannon and she agreed to join our team.  Her first song was A Little Time To Fall In Love, and her soaring vocals blew me away.  She didn’t play guitar on these songs, but Shannon is an incredible guitarist as well.  Here is a link to her website.  She may be in a town near you very soon. http://www.shannonlabriemusic.com

Ricky Eldridge - In the mid-nineties, I’d moved to Passey Gardens in Long Branch with my wife Veronica.  Ricky lived across the street.  On summer afternoons, he would play his electric guitar on the porch while the amplifier blared inside, rattling the windows.  I relished his courage and skill, but never told him about my writing passion.  One day I saw him fingering an old acoustic guitar.  I walked over to inquire what it was?  He handed me a 1947 Martin and I started to play an original song.  He responded with praise and encouragement.  Ricky’s interest was invigorating.  Suddenly, I had an audience steeped in musicality.  I composed new songs before, during, and after work.  Each one was designed to impress my new critic.  The hard work paid off.  Ricky asked me to write a song for an upcoming show.  It was an exciting opportunity to hear one of my originals performed publicly.  Writing that song for Ricky led me to a grandiose idea.  The Musical Adventure of ‘One-Shot’ Billy was born!  Ricky is multi-talented.  He fashioned the mirror guitar from my original Yamaha acoustic and is currently producing Gray Harvest, an awesome NYC band who is also a friend of One-Shot Billy.  Check out their website  http://www.grayharvestmusic.com 

Rhean Boyer - When I told Rhean what the story was about Cupid, his eyes lit up.  The next day we were scheduled to write together, along with Casey Kessel.  Before we began, he ran to his truck and returned with a hunting bow.  It was stuck between the couch cushions as we embarked on writing together.  The song One-Shot Billy was born from his enthusiasm.  I went to see him play that night and I told him I really liked the song we wrote.  You can get a preview of Rhean’s music on YouTube and here is a link.

Lizzy McAvoy - I couldn’t believe Lizzy was only sixteen when we met at Major Bob’s.  Her songwriting, singing, and guitar playing was well beyond her years.  Meeting her reaffirmed mybelief people were born with music in their souls.  It also takes hard work, but Lizzy is a natural.  We had three writing sessions together which proved productive and unforgettable.  It’s great to see her solo career beginning to take off.  www.lizzymcavoy.com 

JP Williams - When JP heard my demo of The Contender, he asked if he could work on it with me, saying, “I feel like that everyday.”  It was an honor to have such an incredible person want to help on such an important song to the story.  JP’s guitar playing is so rich, and his voice compliments every song he writes and performs.  Check him out http://www.jpwilliams.net 

Casey Kessel - Casey commented at my initial Major Bob meeting that she liked the titles of the song’s I’d written for The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy.  It was my first interaction, and it felt good to be complimented.  We had lunch with Rhean, before sitting down to work on the One-Shot Billy track.  Another unforgettable experience.  https://www.sonicbids.com/band/caseykessel/ 

Lauren Lucas -  I couldn’t have asked for a better singer to portray Mother Nature than Lauren Lucas.  When we first met, she had read a treatment of the story and was very excited to be part of it.  Her spirit shined through every performance, and it was obvious she was a true professional.  Listen to her voice on One-Last Shot.  It’s so exciting to see her getting the credit she deserves in the band, Farewell Angelina.  Only good things for Lauren, she deserves it!  http://www.farewellangelinamusic.com 

Chris Roberts - Singer/songwriter Chris Roberts walked in to Villa Studios as energetic as he was talented.  He had theatrical stage experience and it was great to have his input on the songs.  His vocals on The Monkey In Me, as well as Dear Mother’s Proud set the bar for delivering these performance driven songs.  I am grateful for his contribution, and having his enthusiasm around to contribute to the recordings.  https://www.reverbnation.com/chrisrobertsmusic 

Jeff Irwin - It was Gary that brought Jeff into the studio to play bass guitar, and also touting him as a gifted producer.  The bass lines Jeff composed are wonderful.  And his input on the songs was valuable to the overall feel of each track.  I liked sitting next to Jeff on the couch while listening back to the performances.  His comments were soft spoken, but held much weight as they always seemed to be acted upon.  Plus, I have to thank Jeff again for recommending Lewis Lea for One-Shot Billy’s vocals.  A simple suggestion that meant so much.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Irwin 

'Book' - Friends of One-Shot Billy

Suzann Ledbetter Ellingsworth -  Book editor extraordinaire, Suzann’s passion was evident from the first moment we spoke on the phone.  That’s all I ever expect from anyone, and we embarked on a mission together,  She was part English professor, mom, cop, comedienne, psychiatrist, and MMA fighter.  Whatever it took to make the story better.  And she was there to boost my confidence.  Especially, when I was mired in self-pity and doubt.  Writing the book was hard.  Our phone conversations would last for hours.  But I think she was blown away, too.  She’d met someone who cared, as much her.  We were a great team.  http://www.suzannledbetter.com

Al Johnson - All the book's illustrations were done by Al.  We had many sessions together, some of them I was able to watch the characters come to life.  I admire him as a person and an artist.  We had a lot of fun together and have forged a lifelong bond.  Check out his work http://www.aljohnsontheartist.com

Harry Scanlon - In a world consumed by branding, I wanted a logo for The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy that would stand the test of time.  My brother Harry is an artist, so I told him what I was thinking.  I’ll never forget when my phone pinged a text message that included a rough sketch of the Aim On You logo he’d designed while stopped at a red light.  You can find it on the website or in the front of the book.  I’m expecting it will be found on some car bumpers, too.  Harry handcrafts incredible signs, and his talent has grown to include to painting wall murals. 

Shirley Fee - Good friends shine when needed most.  Shirley organized a Survey Monkey program for me in the early stages of the book.  I had a lot to learn, and it was helpful to hear the feedback.  Besides her expertise running Human Resources for a technology firm, she's also a yoga instructor, teaching the essence of a balanced life.  Perfectly aligned with One-Shot Billy's message.

Nora Monaghan - Self-publishing was a steep learning curve, and when it came time to providing the cover artwork to CreateSpace, we got stuck.  Nora jumped in at a moments notice to help out.  She proved to be a giver, despite her overwhelming schedule.  I will always be grateful for that.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nora-monaghan-79b2b730/

Alex Alfier - When The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy’s final proof arrived, I needed a set of young eyes to see if any oversights still lingered.  Alex volunteered to pour over the manuscript, and found a couple of errors.  The book was sent to final press knowing we’d done all we could do to make sure it was accurate. 

'Speaking Program' - Friends of One-Shot Billy

Elizabeth Mancuso - My new friend Elizabeth is an amazing person.  She's devoted hours of personal time critiquing One-Shot Billy's middle school motivational speaking program designed to inspire a brighter future.  Her passion and insight has helped develop a fun, interactive presentation connecting pride/self esteem and nature conservation– based on the lessons learned by One-Shot Billy in the book.  Elizabeth is the new President of Toastmaster International - Red Bank Chapter, where she tirelessly offers her talent to help others, also.  http://www.redbanktoastmasters.com 

'Environmental' - Friends of One-Shot Billy

Robin Brunner Sorrentino - I met Robin in the woods.  She was scouting places in the trees to bring her outdoor children's program to teach nature appreciation.  We talked for nearly a half-hour and have been friends ever since.  Please visit Robin's website to see the great work she is doing. https://www.naturefriendsplayschool.org 

'Business' - Friends of One-Shot Billy

Linda Edell Howard -  Linda Edell Howard and I became friends at Rutgers University.  And it wasn’t a surprise when she became a preeminent attorney on Music Row.  Smart, humble, persistent, and kind are the virtues Linda uses representing One-Shot Billy.  Her initial involvement made The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy’s soundtrack what it is.  She graciously introduced me to her client roster, namely Major Bob Music.  To list her accomplishments is best served by attaching a link to her bio.  I rely on Linda’s help, and am very thankful for our friendship.  There’s no better advisor.  http://www.adamsandreese.com/linda-edell-howard/

Jonathan Schultz - Passion runs deep in Jonathan, and when I discussed The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy with him, it resonated.  So much, that he has contributed time and money to forward the project’s success.  He’s busy crafting his own inspirational book about living in a better world, and continually promotes One-Shot Billy.

Bob Knickman - There was a stretch when I leaned on Bob for his expertise with One-Shot Billy's story and the songs.  It was a time when I needed the support and felt the pressure to find a direction.  I appreciate his contribution to One-Shot Billy’s existence.  Lessons come in all forms, shapes and sizes.  I’m a better man for Bob’s involvement.  Aim on you!

Paul Giannone - My partnership with Paul has gone beyond real estate.  We conquered many things in life together, and I will always ask for his advice.  The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy is a spirited crusade.  I didn't always engage the smartest approach to navigating unchartered waters.  I’ve made some mistakes, bitten off more that I could chew, and also been taken advantage of.  Paul kept me on course to approach this project as a business.  Sometimes, I wished I listened more.

Paul Hindes - Paul had been there for me from day one.  He’s read the story, helped me print drafts, critiqued the songs, and has been one of my biggest supporters throughout the process.  He has tried to help me in so many ways.  I will always be grateful.  If you have a loyal friend like I do with Paul, your a lucky person … like me.

'Supporters' of One-Shot Billy (add your name to this list)

Veronica - Launching The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy has been a team effort.   I love my wife, Veronica.  She's an incredible person, who has supported the One-Shot Billy dream since its inception in so many different ways.  To know what that really means is between us, but it's been a challenge bringing this project to life.  Much of our time and resources have been dedicated to One-Shot Billy.  And together, we've kept the faith to never give up.

Holly - My daughter Holly is the only incentive I need to help inspire a brighter future.  I couldn't be more proud of who she is growing up to be.  Many of the lessons One-Shot Billy learns in the story are born from me becoming a dad.  I will never stop learning, and I don't expect Holly will ever stop teaching me.

Jane Homlish - Every creative person needs a friend to use as a sounding board.  Jane was the perfect go-to person.  She has incredible taste and soul.  A wonderful combination for One-Shot Billy's heartfelt story and songs.  I am forever grateful for all of the time she spent helping The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy get off the ground.  Plus, she did something I can’t imagine any other person would have done.  Some of you may say, "B.S." ... and you'd be wrong and right.  For further clarification you’ll have to ask Jane.  But her attempt to promote One-Shot Billy was beyond amazing.  And she did it to help inspire a brighter future.  A shining example of putting others in front of yourself to make a positive impact on the world.  It didn't work, but maybe it will one day.

Gary Leff - From the outset, Gary has been a steadfast supporter of The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy.  His energy and faith has been an important part of the growing process, as One-Shot Billy finds his way in the world.  Don't be afraid to ask Gary to sing a song from the story soundtrack.  He knows them by heart, which makes Billy very happy!

Dr. Jerry & Janice Brown - There are no better friends than Dr. Jerry Brown, and his wife Janice.  Their sincerity and passion for helping will always be ingrained in The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy.  Because of their generosity, fifty books were given to people around the world as a start to One-Shot Billy's goodwill mission.  Billy can't thank them enough. 

The Everyday Advocates - The entire Scanlon Clan, The entire Marsico Clan, Greg McGrade, Mike Grady, Gregg Nowell, John Lauer, Isaac & Abie (Gray Harvest), Haverly MacArthur, Chris Rotolo, Jim Appio, Tom & Mary Stange, Mark Aumack, Mike & Christa Teter, Andy Olsen, Mike Buchenberger, Bill & Sari Cariste, Patti Clapp, Eric Frankovic, Ron Haney, Steve Martin, Sam & Ben Zises, Greg & Joan Szabo, Chris & Veronica Maguire, Phyllis Discioscia, Darleen & Randy Bussy, Jerry & Margie Dooley, Elaine Van De Velde, Lynne Salierno.

'Future Friends' of One-Shot Billy

Walden Media - Walden Media is a logical company to help One-Shot Billy come to life.  Rooted in family friendly content, I expect we will have a meeting someday about The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy.  For now, my job is to continue to spread the word and believe.  https://www.walden.com 

Tyler Joseph - I couldn’t be more proud of a human being for using his incredible gifts to inspire people. Fortunately, Tyler’s been able to dictate his art and the masses are responding.  His message is clear, and is no different than One-Shot Billy's – self-worth can save us all.  And you’ll find the answer helping others.  Strive to create and be true to yourself … your purpose will come. http://www.twentyonepilots.com

Oprah -  Anybody with something worthwhile to say would want Oprah’s help.  Her mission inspiring people still resonates to influence so many.  If only she knew about One-Shot Billy.  One day I believe she will.  Hopefully, that day is sooner than later. http://www.oprah.com/index.html

Bruce Springsteen - I know Bruce gets asked to help a lot of people.  I’m just hoping one day he'll support The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy because he believes in its message.  Like the characters in many of Bruce's songs, One-Shot Billy battles fear and never gives up on himself.  In the end, he discovers there’s only one love that can save us.  http://brucespringsteen.net