One-Shot Billy / Cupid

One-Shot Billy

EMS Vice President - Human Resources Department

Youngest son William doesn’t feel complete unless he’s in love. Unfortunately, he's looking for love in all the wrong places and his wayward pursuit is allowing takers to threaten the future of a small town, Fair Haven.  What will he do?

Dear Mother / Mother Nature

Dear Mother

Chief Executive Officer - Earth Management Systems (EMS)

Dear Mother is just like any other mom whose life is devoted to her children. However, earth's survival is paramount, even if she has to choose it over her youngest son, William.  Can a doting mother change?

Frederick / Father Time


EMS Vice President – Synchronicity Department

Eldest brother Frederick possesses a desire for pure precision. His job is everything to him and he revels in the belief his role in the family business is the most important function of all.  Is he the only one who feels this way?

Aaron / The Man in the Moon


EMS Vice President – Ebb And Flow Department

Middle child Aaron maintains a casual approach to life.  He’s fortunate his job managing earth's atmosphere and oceans tolerates an overriding desire to have fun.  Or does it? 

Mayor Gloria Lovette

Gloria Lovette

Fair Haven Mayor & Planning Board Director

Gloria Lovett has worked very hard to become the mayor of her hometown by the age of thirty-one.  However, her dogged pursuit of success hasn’t allowed her to see everything she needs to see.  Is it possible to open her eyes?

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Confidant and friend

Homer appears to be a small pigeon, but he's much more than that.  Just like William, he’s looking for a place to fit in. Maybe Dear Mother can help?

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Alan Weeks

Mayor Lovette's Senior Advisor – Fair Haven Planning Board Member

Alan is a very successful real estate businessman whose regard for nature is merely opportunistic.  He enjoys expensive possessions and dresses in crisp golf attire. Unfortunately, his sharp intellect is reserved solely for personal gain. Will his selfish demeanor stay true?


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Rob Carlisle

Fair Haven’s Tax Assessor & Planning Board

Although Rob's job is in public service, he sees it as a platform for getting ahead.  He dresses for success, hoping to be perceived as successful.  Although, he isn't as smart as he thinks.  What will he choose?

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Hector Bull

Fair Haven’s Building Inspector & Planning Board Member

Hector’s a gentle soul, who truly enjoys helping people.  He comes from a Native American ancestry and has a deep reverence for nature and the environment.  Comfortable in his own skin, he’s never afraid to get messy on the job.  Or is this a front in order to be liked?

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Macey Linden

Fair Haven Planning Board Member

Macey longs for simpler times.  She believes cell phones, social media, and twenty-four hour new cycles have alienated people more than brought them together.  Regardless, she stays current with her hometown's politics, trying to add a spiritual voice to the difficult issues of today.  Does she always tell the truth?  

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Martin Malloy

Public Advocate - Businessman

Martin’s the true depiction of eloquence and sincerity. He's always racing to help others in need, and will lend his voice to support a worthwhile cause.  But are his promises ever broken?

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Allie Khan

Mayor Lovette’s Assistant 

Young Allie has has done everything required to begin an independent life.  She would like to start a family one day, when the right person comes along.  In the meantime, she's on her way to earning a Masters degree.  Let's hope good fortune comes her way.