Summary- When substitute music teacher, Mr. B. Lee, unveils his experimental lesson plan on an unruly middle school class, not every kid is happy to entertain a musical fairy tale about a family of fabled icons.  Mr. B. Lee swears the story is true, claiming this special family has managed Earth since the beginning of time.  He explains the planet has flourished under their ageless system of give-and-take.  However, new data reveals young William's indifference managing the Human Resources Department has allowed takers to overrun a small town, Fair Haven.  To thwart the ensuing crisis, William invents a heroic persona, 'One-Shot' Billy, and launches a critical mission to produce givers.  Unfortunately, more dire news is uncovered– Fair Haven's last remaining forest is facing destruction.  Saving the woods becomes William's top priority, but it doesn't take long to realize he's saving himself, too.  In the end, the students learn life's most important lesson, and also realize Mr. B. Lee is more than just another substitute teacher. 

Book Reviews

"Givers Rule! There are lessons in this book for all of us! Great book for grownups to share with the children in their life to teach them how to become caring human beings. I enjoyed the dual track of reality (represented by the substitute teacher and his students) and fantasy (represented by Earth Management Systems) of the narrative — it was like getting two books in one. The music that goes along with this book is wonderful! And, as Dear Mother teaches us—we've all got only 'One-Shot' to get it right! Aim On You!" L.C. Bennet Stern

"A fun page turner with a truly original perspective. This author's objective is to inspire the reader to become a 'giver' rather than a 'taker' to truly make a difference in life. Would be a great summer read for the precocious or middle school reader or grown ups who enjoy the genre." Mary S.

"Loved this book! There is a lot in this book. Easy read if you just want to read it for a great story OR if you want to be introspective and read it for some great life lessons. Very thought provoking. I'm going to get copies for my four daughters. It's timeless! Suggest it for all ages!" Kelly S.

"Fantastic read! The author does a great job of presenting a variety of very different, important topics, but does so in a way that seamlessly flows throughout the story. One Shot Billy can't be categorized into any one particular genre, but I suppose that's the point, it provides enjoyment for whoever is fortunate enough to read this story. We definitely need more tales like it. Aim On You!" Mike Teter

"Very timely and original story, includes interesting and heartfelt characters that inspire the reader's imagination. Geared for family reading with a surprise ending that should satisfy all!" Mac Harris

"Great book with positive messages and interesting developments which is suited for all ages. The plot develops between "givers" and "takers" and there are sub-plots which keep the reader interested. The theme of never giving up is consistent and one of my personal favorites as well as caring about the environment. I would highly recommend this book for school libraries and for parents of all ages!" Lynne Salierno

"This captivating book is a 'Must Read' for all ages. The author takes you on an entertaining lighthearted journey through the life of the character William (Billy) and builds the reader up to the realization that if humans choose to be givers instead of takers, what a Wonderful World this would be." Joan S.

"A great story with wonderful life lessons. A creative way to educate your family on the challenges and rewards of making the right choices. Aim on you!" Brian Reppert

"What a fantastic read, couldn't put it down. In the times that we live in this is a book everyone needs to absorb. The way the author grabs your attention and keeps it is amazing. Told thru the eyes of a school teacher's, first attempt at writing, is a very unique way to hold your attention, well done!!! What a fantastic story of Givers and Takers that you can relate to in modern day issues, the message of balance is very enlightening. In the political environment that we live in, at the moment, I could only dream that our leaders would take the time to read this story. I wish my children had a teacher like Mr. Lee. Bravo, to a wonderful story, way to go Billy and don't let Fredrick and Aaron bug you anymore. I know what I'm getting all of my employees for Christmas this year." Randy B.